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I am trying to publish the following comment on WUWT on the “About that graph” thread and keep getting the response “Sorry, this comment could not be posted.”

An old blog post at HOT TOPIC deals with all the “Oh look at Greenland” nonsense. It extends the temperature record at the GISP2 site to the present day using data from Box et. al., 2009.
The uptick at the end of all the GISP2 plots that dbstealy linked to covers the 1790-1850 period, not the “Mann Hockey Stick” as one of them claims. All of them get the “current” temperature wrong. Current temperatures at the GISP2 site are about 1.5°C higher today (2000-2009 average) than they were in 1850, the time at the end of the uptick shown by dbstealy. 1.5°C above 1850 is the highest temperature for the last 2000 years and surpassesed only for a few, short periods over the last 10000 years. (image from HOT TOPIC).

What’s more, temperature variability in the Greenland temperature record is about 60% larger than the temperature variability of the Northern Hemisphere. (Box et. al., 2009)

A true skeptic would know all of the above.

A true skeptic would show all of the above.

Worst of all, the above post by Gareth on HOT TOPIC could hardly have escaped dbstealey’s attention, as he was moderating replies on the WUWT post by Easterbrook, where references to Gareth’s takedown were all over the place.

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