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Oklahoma quakes

Tamino’s most recent post “Oklahoma: Not OK” covers the change in number of earthquakes per year in Oklahoma in the wake of fracking. It got me interested in the distribution of magnitudes. Here are the results as an animation: Here are … Continue reading

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comment at WUWT

I am trying to publish the following comment on WUWT on the “About that graph” thread and keep getting the response “Sorry, this comment could not be posted.” An old blog post at HOT TOPIC deals with all the “Oh … Continue reading

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Lord Monckton’s patent applications

Update: Now includes 2013’s applications. As I have reported before, Lord Monckton keeps applying for patents relating to “Therapeutic Treatments”. Below is the current list of the published applications, including links to the information available at the UK Intellectual Property … Continue reading

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The CIA snow cover increase that wasn’t

There is that 1974 CIA working paper [1] climate “skeptics” like to brandish when it comes to the “coming ice age” media coverage in the 70s, in order to show that it wasn’t just a media event but scientific consensus … Continue reading

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Patrick Michaels sea level rise rate

This seems to count as humor over at WUWT: displaying an older plot by Pat Micheals showing “Ten year running mean sea level rise from satellite altimetry”. The plot shown at WUWT is the one depicted in red in the … Continue reading

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A Question to Roger Pielke Jr.

I tried to post the following as a comment at but it did not show up (spam filter?). I repost the comment here for reference.

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Wegman’s Fig. 4.5 vs. IPCC FAR 1990 Fig. 7.1(c)

A discussion at Stoat had me compare the IPCC FAR 1990 Fig. 7.1(c) to the ostensible “digitization” of said plot included in the Wegman Report as Fig. 4.5. I have rescaled the Wegman plot to match the x- and y-scale of the … Continue reading

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