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FUND 3.5 species model

Eli has a post up on Richard Tol’s FUND model, examining its treatment of species extinction in section 5.6 Ecosystems. The model is meant to run from 1950 to the year 3000 in time steps of 1 year. The number … Continue reading

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IPCC A2 CO2 scenario à la Monckton

Lord Monckton has written a guest post at WUWT. In this post he is showing graphs, which are meant to show atmospheric CO2 concentrations of the IPCC’s A2 scenario (AR4, fig. 10.26, p. 803) compared to NOAA’s global trend data. Here they … Continue reading

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Evolution of the “SPPI global temperature index”

I document the changes that the index has undergone in the last one and a half years. In January 2009 the SPPI started publishing its “SPPI Monthly CO2 Report” (since March/April 2010 they seem to be published as double issues). … Continue reading

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